Design and Development of a Semi-Automatic Handloom

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Design is considered as creative human activities which focus to improve living for all categories of people. Humans are weaving cloth through handloom and powerloom to fulfill their one of the basic needs in life. Handlooms have a long history beyond the available ancient history. Over the time, handloom improved through many inventions towards making powerloom available today primarily from industrial revolution. Whereas handlooms have many special features over powerloom like making tailor made fabrics for small quantity etc. These features are still fulfilling the special human needs through creative weaving by handloom which are not fulfilled by powerloom. Also, handloom sector is second largest employer after agriculture in India. It shows the number of people involved in the sector and its unique positioning in the textile sector. Exports of these handloom products have a huge opportunity in various countries of the world. Existing handlooms are very inefficient in production and tedious to weave, causes various work related musculoskeletal disorders to the weaver. It is found that very few research work have been carried out to improve directly to the weavers working conditions in compare to number of weaver affected in the handloom sector. In this research work, it has been studied to improve the handloom weaving through design intervention for commercial application useful in handloom cluster with higher productivity in reduced effort.
Supervisor: Das, Amarendra Kumar
Handloom, Semi-Automatic Handloom, Fly shuttle Handloom