Study on Interactive Tourism: Experiencing Local Ambiance and Artifact in Assam

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The thesis looks into the possibility of empowering local residents and artisans of Assam facilitating direct interaction with visitors in an entrepreneurial approach through qualitative enquiry towards exploring local ambience and artifacts of Assam. The tourism development has taken a great leap with corporate style management where local people are seen engaged as support staff and suppliers to organized tourist establishments. If a shopping cluster type of facility center, favoring Assam cultural ambiance, is created in a location outskirt of Guwahati, easy to visit by the tourists, where showcasing varied handicraft products along with provision to know the production systems that is normally followed in actual sites, may draw visitors who have less time for shop hopping in city market place, would create a micro-tourism interaction between natives and tourists.. The work presented in the thesis is a study in this issue with reference to Assam context that can also be useful in other locations as well.
Supervisor: Debkumar Chakrabarti