Typeface design for cultural identity – An exploration with Assamese typeface design

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In this research an exploration was conducted on reviving the identity of Assamese script which represents the Assamese language and Assamese culture of India. The exploration outlines initially the need, the resources, the applicability, and the design considerations. Then further it proposes a design alternative of Assamese script in the form of a Typeface which may address the need to bring back the original essence of Assamese script which was present in its historical form. The very idea of this exercise is an effort to create an identity for Assamese language in the digital world with the help of the script which will be represented by a new Typeface that addresses the originality and tradition with historical essence. To explore the exercise, a new typeface has been designed based on historical reference, and with Unicode compliance to experiment with the statement whether a typeface would be able to establish an identity for Assamese language and culture or not. Along with the new typeface, a customized keyboard layout for computers and a typing application for android mobile devices have been also developed to support the typeface for its uses on digital media. The typeface has been then tested for screen display on the computer as well as operating system compatibility, display on mobile and digital devices, and ease of typing on devices. Finally, a user survey conducted on the uses of the new typeface showed the result that satisfies the justification of the statement as stated. The conclusion of the research successfully meets the aim and objectives proposed initially as well as offers promising future scope to explore new dimensions
Supervisor: Amarendra Kumar Das