(A) Correlation Study between the Subjective and Objective (Eye Tracking) Measures During the Evaluation of Visual Classical Aesthetics

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The term aesthetics is used broadly to encompass the perception, production, and response to art and interactions with objects and senses that evoke an intense feeling, often of pleasure. Evaluation of aesthetics for any visual (two-dimensional and three-dimensional) is critical in today's scenario. Any product's success in the market depends on its aesthetic appeal, as functionality/ usability and utility aspects are almost saturated. Visual aesthetics plays a crucial role in attracting consumers and leading to positive emotional changes, resulting in purchase intention. It is well known that ‘seeing is believing, and believing is buying.’ Thus, the visual perception of any product/image plays a decisive role in consumer behavior. It is important to incorporate aesthetic features in the consumer product during its design and development. Improper assessment of the aesthetic values of a product may lead to market failure.
Supervisor: Karmakar, Sougata