Crafting A Change - Service Design Perspective for Sustained Behaviour Change

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Services and technologies are continuously evolving, and new solutions are continually being designed, tested and implemented. However, it is often that service users and stakeholders are either slow in adopting new service interventions or may not be using the services regularly or are even resistant to use them. Behavioural theories have been rejuvenated in recent years by economists looking for ways to explain numerous biases in economic choices. Taking into account the role of behaviour change early in the process of problem-solving can help understand and facilitate stakeholders’ behaviour and increase the chances of new solutions being adopted and becoming successful. It is especially true in the Service Design life cycle. However, Service Designers are not fully utilising behavioural knowledge due to a lack of coherent and actionable guidance. The CraftChange Framework is a simple, pragmatic integrated framework for combining Service Design with behaviour change. The CraftChange Framework enables designers to address the concerns of relevant stakeholders to increase the likelihood of a service getting implemented. It enables the Service Designer to be mindful about sustainability concerns and a human touchpoint’s soft concerns during the Service Design life cycle and design for the progression of service users’ long-lasting behaviour change.
Supervisors: Ravi Mokashi Puenkar and Pramod Khambete