Study of young consumers’ perception on mascot design characteristic with reference to Indian food brand

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The instrument of brand mascot is widely used in modern marketing because of its effectiveness and ability to create the emotional attachment with customers. A lot of studies aim to identify the influence of mascots on consumers in comparison with celebrities’ endorsers. At the same time, the aspect of mascots’ design characteristics has not received enough attention in the academic literature. The current investigation addresses the question of how mascots’ design characteristics influence consumers’ perception of mascots in the Indian food industry. The objectives of this study are to identify the main characteristics of mascots as a marketing instrument, to determine the features of food brand mascots, to distinguish the differences between national and international mascots in the Indian food industry, and to explore which design characteristics of mascots have a substantial impact on the young generation’s perception of the brands. The study is based on quantitative methodology with surveys as the main research method. The thesis is composed of an introduction, literature review, methodology part, the chapters of data analysis and conclusions. The empirical part of the investigation implies conducting five preliminary studies, three pilot studies and the main experiment aimed at identifying essential characteristics of mascots’ design on the example of Halidram’s mascot as a hypothetical case to experiment with. This research is characterized by a comprehensive analysis of the existing studies devoted to the problem of mascots, an identification of the mascots’ features which are relevant to customers, a review of the main classification of mascots, and a distinction between the national and international food brand mascots in India. To compare the national and international food mascots in the Indian food brand, two case studies were conducted, on Ronald McDonald and the Amul Girl.
Supervisor: Debkumar Chakrabarti