Study of visual rhetoric and metaphors in Indian newspaper advertisements

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Today, visual images play a vital role in delivering messages to target audience in Indian print advertisement. A lot of studies have been conducted to analyze the ways in which visuals impact consumer mind and trigger the decision process and brand awareness. Sheer visibility of printed advertising is necessary for useful information perception. In Indian, newspaper advertisement information about indirect persuasion of visuals is missing. Therefore this work studies the possibilities and effects of visual metaphors and rhetoric. Such area as billboard and newspaper ad is paid precise attention. Here metaphors and rhetoric are less evident and clear than in verbal communication. Advertisement designs allow companies to understand the impact of design choices on the message communication. The ability of visual metaphors and rhetorical figure to convey the message is precisely analyzed in this research. Their contribution to brand recognition in the print media (newspaper) is also explored. Moreover, comparing the metaphor and rhetoric, visual appeals are studied too. It is considered that rhetoric or indirect, metaphorical claim makes viewers more involved and interested in the brand. Additionally, when they take the form of an image or picture, people are likely to perceive the given information better. The research aim of this study is to explore the role of visual metaphor and rhetoric and to analyze the most appropriate visual advertising communication tools in Indian print advertising. Conducting this research, the primary focus was directed to determining if the product`s visual appeal provides sufficient information for customer brand recognition.
Supervisor: Utpal Barua