Theoretical study of rabi oscillations in Dirac-weyl fermionic system

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Conventional Rabi oscillations are studied using the rotating wave approximation (RWA). It is an approximation used for the approximate analytic solution of time-dependent Schrödinger eqn. of a two-level system coupled to a weak electric field in resonant with the transition. In this approximation, we remove rapidly oscillating terms of the effective Hamiltonian, but its validity is limited to only when the internal frequency of the two-level system is close to the external frequency of field, i.e. in case of resonance. Far from conventional resonance, only relativistic fermionic systems exhibit a new type of Rabi oscillation, which is absent in conventional semiconductors and two-level systems. Our aim is to study nonlinear optics of these systems at the Weyl (Dirac) node, since all interesting physics at low energy occurs in the vicinity of the Weyl(Dirac) node - particularly the phenomenon of anomalous Rabi oscillation (ARO), which has been predicted theoretically in single layer graphene by our group (and also by others where these ideas go under the name of "Floquet theory")
Supervisor: Girish. S. Setlur