Seismic performance evaluation of HyFrc bridge pier by hybrid simulation

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Bridges are important lifeline structures and vital links in land transportation network. The failures of bridges during a seismic event would prevent smooth relief and rehabilitation activity in the neighbourhood, as alternative routes may not be available in the vicinity. Deficiencies in the behaviour of bridges are observed during many earthquakes all over the world. In these failure of bridges, the reinforced concrete piers are mostly observed to be considerably damaged, which implies that clear understanding of non-linear behaviour of these structural elements during intense earthquakes is an important issue.In order to reduce the extent of damage and avoid any brittle mode of failure, it is felt that improving ductility of bridge pier with appropriate high performance materials like hybrid fibre reinforced concrete (HyFRC) is necessary. Increase in ductility leads to redistribution of stress-resultants to less stressed elements and the piers sustain lower strength degradation. The primary objective of this research is identified as the experimental investigation on performance of HyFRC in bridge pier under the action of earthquake induced excitations. Use of advanced testing procedure is also mooted for more realistic assessment of evaluation of response.
Supervisors: Anjan Dutta and Sajal K Deb