Study of biogeochemical and climatological impacts on spatial and seasonal variability of air-sea CO2 fluxes over the Indian Ocean

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The role of oceans in regulating the global climate is significantly affected by the spatial and seasonal variations in CO2 gas exchange process at the marine-atmosphere interface. The concentrations of CO2 gas in the atmosphere and ocean surface are the chief factor determining the flux direction, and are regulated by the physical, chemical and biological processes in the marine environment. These processes and their impacts vary regionally and seasonally, thereby impacting the spatial and seasonal trends in the CO2 fluxes. The Indian Ocean, with its contrasting flux trends in the western and eastern counterparts, plays a unique role in the CO2 transfer process. While the Arabian Sea acts as a net annual CO2 source, the Bay of Bengal serves as a net sink. Being an under explored oceanic region, the exact reasons behind this contrasting behavior are yet to be understood.
Supervisors: Bharti, Rishikesh and Mahanta, Chandan