Enhancing creativity amongst Master of Design students with heterogeneous background : Use of combinatorial tool through generative method

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In IIT Guwahati, the students joining Master of Design program are of four different background; these are – Engineering, Architecture, Design and Fine Arts. The students of such mixed backgrounds tend to behave/think differently while solving creative problems. The students try to solve problem, which is ill defined, cannot be resolved by them and they follow problem-focusing strategy and their approach is linear. From the protocol study and data analysis, it was tried to investigate the difference of creativity among students with heterogeneous background, and tried to identify creativity aspects while solving creative problem. The study has shown that introducing a hint tool; facilitate cues to generate nonobvious ideas with enhancement of creative thinking. Using hint tool, the strategy adopted while creative problem solving is shifted from problem-focus to solution-focus and the approach adopted is non-linear signifies to raise fluency of idea generation. The written protocol study unfolds the nature of responses transformed completely as an effect caused by the tool. Furthermore, modifying the hint tool can help to generate another set of solutions for the same problem. In addition to this, the research highlights on the validation part by conducting the identical experiment on another set of students with heterogeneous background.
Supervisor: Amarendra Kumar Das