Study on visual preferences for effective spotlight design: Reference to painting exhibition in Indian art galleries

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Over the past century, lighting technology has evolved from incandescent lamp to today’s LED technology. Following the advancement there is an increased emphasis on perception based lighting design in exhibition spaces. It has been identified that most of the studies on lighting in art galleries have given importance to the technical and economic aspects of lighting. However, the viewers’ perception and preference on lighting conditions has gained relatively less attention in this context of regard. The current lighting design practice in art galleries is based on some canonical rules that scarcely represent perception of viewers for viewing artworks. A key dilemma for research in this area is that different professionals are associated in this field that lead to contradiction in views of lighting design process. In order to fulfil this gap, this thesis aims to develop a lighting design approach that will best possibly serve the expectations of different exhibition stakeholders while satisfying the visual preferences of viewers for effective spotlight design in art exhibition.
Supervisor: Swati Pa