Cyclic Performance of Elliptical Hollow Sections ‒ A Finite Element Study

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The main objective of the research in this thesis encompasses the behaviour of Elliptical-Hollow-Section (EHS) members under cyclic loading. Expressions for cross-section capacity prediction curves are formulated based on the Direct-Strength-Method (DSM) approach through a lower bound fit for an exhaustive data of structural carbon steel Circular-Hollow-Sections (CHSs) found in the literature. Also, a unified set of cross-section slenderness limits for CHS members is proposed. Later, to promote applicability of the proposed CHS cross-section classification criteria also to the EHSs, improved empirical expressions for the equivalent CHS diameter of EHS according to the Equivalent-Resistance-Capacity-Method (ERCM) are derived. Further, the plastic interaction response analyses and the expressions for the equivalent CHS diameter for compact and plastic EHSs are also presented
Supervisor: Singh, Konjengbam DarunKumar
Elliptical-Hollow-Section, Cross-sectional Slenderness, Cyclic Loading, FE Simulations, Abaqus