Evolving a context-sensitive participatory method in design of personal transport

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This thesis titled ‘Evolving a Context-sensitive Participatory Method in Design of Personal Transport’ establishes a methodology for eliciting tacit and unmet needs to be mediated by an effective 3D toolkit in participatory sessions with the end user. It focuses on ‘making’ as an activity for eliciting tacit and unmet needs. The proposed methodology develops a detailed protocol for the key stages of a typical design process viz. need analysis, conceptualization and evaluation. The research methodology for each key stage has four important components: planning, participatory design, analysis of outcome and finalization of participatory design methodology. This makes design and research inseparable in this methodology.The contours of the protocol for setting up the participatory design method of four activities and details of their execution described are: 1) Method for designing toolkit 2) Method for Participatory Design with novice users 3) Method for collective form generation by designers 4) Method for collective evaluation by end users In the proposed participatory methodology, first stage involves a participatory activity to generate context-sensitive information through participatory research with novice users. This is followed by analysis to help translate these inputs in developing a visual design brief (in Fuzzy Front End phase). This is given as inputs to a team of professional designers. The designers participate in a collaborative manner, engage in visual representation and conceptualize the holistic vehicle product based on the visual brief (design phase) in the form of 3D concept renderings; and finally participatory evaluation of concepts is again undertaken by users (evaluation phase). This research makes a contribution in establishing a detailed protocol in developing the Participatory Design methodology for eliciting tacit and unmet needs for personal transport vehicles.
Supervisor: Ravi Mokashi Punekar