Framework for public participation in water supply projects: The case of South-West Guwahati water supply project

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Many government water supply schemes fail in terms of public acceptance, primarily due to lack of public awareness, transparency on water tariff policy, and agony of water privatization. The present work attempts to develop and propose a framework for integrating people in water supply projects. It has been worked out considering a standing case of South-West Guwahati water supply project, which is a fully government owned turnkey based project, but facing public opposition. A mixed research approach methodology has been adopted and executed in 4 phases. Phase 1 has been designed to understand the reasons for public opposition. In phase 2, quantitative method has been employed for groundwater quality assessment in the study area. In phase 3, groundwater quality awareness has been carried out through door to door interaction and in phase 4, semi-structured questionnaire is designed to generate primary data in conjunction with secondary data, and finally a framework is formulated in accordance with the identified critical success factors (CSFs).
Supervisors: Mohammad Jawed and Laishram Boeing Singh