Engineering Solution Processable Organic Field Effect Transistor for Opto-electronic Applications

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Electronic devices have made people’s life easier, and in today’s modern lifestyle electronic devices have become one of the basic requirements of human beings. Inorganic material are used extensively in electronic devices but the requirement of energy efficient, low-cost and flexible devices can be easily fulfilled by the organic solution processable materials. Organic field effect transistors (OFET) will enable easy implementation of large scale and flexible applications. Organic materials also have the advantage of easy tunability of the optoelectronic properties. OFETs have numerous applications like various sensors, smart card, e-skin etc. Some of the organic electronic devices like OLED, solar cell is already available in market, but low mobility and stability is a road block for organic transistors to be commercialized in high end applications.
Supervisor: Iyer, P. K.
Organic Field Effect Transistor, Organic Electronics, Semiconductor Devices