Studies on the Use uf Thermoalkali Treated Rice Straw as Carbon Source for Oxyanions Removal by Biological Process

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Rice straw is one of the most abundant, renewable lignocellulosic biodegradable crop residues, but a waste material all over the world. Burning in situ, rice straw leads to air pollution. Hence, it is the uttermost requirement to sustainably utilize agricultural waste such as its use as a carbon source in biological oxyanion removal process. Oxyanions such as sulfate, nitrate, arsenate, etc. are some of the common water pollutants. Utilization of rice straw has been reported for various purposes such as bio-ethanol production, H+ production, and methane generation. Despite having great potential, its performance on oxyanion removal has not been explored so far. In the present study, the utilization of rice straw as a carbon source in biological systems for the removal of oxyanions has been studied. The target oxyanions in this study are sulfate, nitrate, and arsenic.
Supervisor: Ghosh, Pranab Kumar