Study of multimedia communication training strategy emphasizing imaginative representation

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The study focuses, into the multimedia application of communicating social issues with the students’ perspective of effectiveness and possibility of acceptance of the experience, using aesthetic and abstract presentation versus direct real life reflection. In the present day scenario, with technology trying to overshoot imaginative creative ideas, it is imperative for designers to check the effectiveness of the foreseen results. The evolution of communication medium has gradually led to today’s interactive multimedia as being most popular. A study, on the experience of students in the evaluation of the effectiveness of aesthetics as well as the abstract use of interactive multimedia of the presentation was carried out in design, in defining guidelines under which the fine line between the virtual and the actual can be walked upon.Interactivity in multiple mediums needs to be checked upon from time to time, to help us to understand the effectiveness of the designs that we create. Various mediums of communication carry a time frame of its origin, though till date these all are still valid and are being used. A study of this nature can enable the students in the future for visualizing the presentation framework and plan accordingly. Context specific information must have a presentation to its maximum effect to reach the desired destination with the proper message; like no-smoking campaign prevailing today has shown the fear that may be effective when a person is under the ill effect of smoking. But for starters and for the general public, specifically for affluent people who do not mind expensive treatment for cure, a different means of theme presentation is necessary.
Supervisor- Debkumar Chakrabarti