Watermarking of 3D Images and Video

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With the huge advancement in Internet technology as well as the availability of low cost 3D display devices, 3D image, and video transmission becomes popular in recent times. Since watermarking has been regarded as one of the potential digital right management (DRM) tools in the last decade; 3D image and video watermarking becomes an emerging research topic. In recent times, depth image based rendering (DIBR)-3D and depth based multi view 3D representation (MVD) are two popular 3D representations. In this dissertation, the entire thesis is primarily motivated to propose robust 3D image or video watermarking schemes for DIBR-3D and MVD representations against different hostile and non-hostile attacks.In the first work, watermarking issues against 3D-HEVC compression and the view synthesis attack have been considered. It is observed from the literature that the most of the existing 3D video watermarking schemes not suit well against 3D-HEVC compression which is a state-of-art MVD based 3D video compression scheme. In the first phase of our first contributory chapter, a 3D video watermarking scheme has been proposed which can resist 3D-HEVC compression by employing independent view regions (Z-axis) based embedding. In the later part of this chapter, the proposed scheme has been extended to resist view synthesis attacks by exploiting the shift invariance property of the dual tree discrete wavelet transform (DT-DWT) for embedding.
Supervisor: Arijit Sur