(A) study on customized visual image representation from the target group for social awareness communication (In Indian Context)

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The thesis is a qualitative attempt to investigate varied information components (emphasizing human image representation) and their layout patterns in social awareness campaign posters from an artist researcher’s understanding of visual communication point of view. Visual communication enriches through presentation in combination of visuals and text, and their varied combinations. Users’ acceptance relevance specifically concerns when a poster is supported by the visuals depict through photographs of human endorsement of a service theme and product for promotion, and thus a poster presentation of a message gets a desired acceptance. In this issue, the present work investigates if the human figures presented in some Government sponsored social awareness (India current context specific) campaign posters are providing a good sense of acceptance by the target users while decoding and accepting the message. An image creates more impact than written words, and we become more dependent upon visual media for coping today’s life of technology domination. The power of a visual image is proven to be essential for emotion creation and influencing our decision of accepting. The thesis key points are: • Celebrity image of an awareness campaign and relevance to local target group. • For national campaign, a single grid framework can be considered when in the cosmopolitan city area, celebrity images and others area bilingual campaign can be made with target group human figure representatives. • The human figure represents may be considered this specific field of expertise that link to the campaign content and context in long run. Further experimentations on a schematic composition for a national awareness campaign, to cater different people including urban and rural diversity, with the same campaign text in varied language and visual images can have a practical clarity where other relevant elements/ components having authoritative and endorsement value may follow the identical position.
Supervisor: Chakrabarti, Debkumar