Three dimensional static and dy- namic analysis of hybrid plate using multi-term multi-field extended kantorovich method

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Laminated composite structures are extensively used in aerospace vehicles, marine applications, automotive and various other industries for their high speci c strength, design exibility and requiring low maintenance. These structures with embedded or surface bonded piezoelectric layers often called as smart or intelligent or hybrid structures offer additional advantage of sens- ing and control apart from their primary structural responsibility. The smart structures are extensively used in structural health monitoring, shape and vibration control applications, but the presence of geometric and material inhomogeneity across the layers introduce complex elec- tromechanical couplings inducing sharp stress variations near the non-simply supported edges. So, the analysis of such structures with high accuracy demand special tools with greater com- putational efficiency. Three dimensional (3D) analytical solutions are the most efficient tools for analysis of smart or hybrid laminated structures which can compute the global as well as local responses more accurately. In this thesis, three dimensional extended Kantorovich method (3D EKM) is used to obtain the static and free vibration elasticity/piezoelasticity solution of hybrid rectangular laminated plates and results from two dimensional (2D) zig-zag and third order theory are assessed with respect to the 3D solutions.
Supervisor: Poonam Kumari