Hydrological Assessment of LULC and Climate Change within the Water Resource Development Scenarios of Omo Gibe Basin, Ethiopia

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The hydrological functions of river catchments are affected by numerous natural and man-made changes. Climate change is also one among them that has a complex effect on river basins. The river basins are vulnerable to natural and anthropogenic disruptions, changes in land use and land cover, and changes in hydrological characteristics because of water resources developments. The present study utilized hydrological modelling and remote sensing methods to determine the catchment response due to LULC changes at spatial and temporal scales for a river basin in Ethiopia. The study envisages hydrological assessment of LULC and climate change within the water resources development scenarios of the Omo Gibe Basin in Ethiopia.
Supervisor: Kartha, Suresh A
Climate Change, LULC, SRES RCPs, Hydrological Model, GIS and RS, BMPs