Utilisation of Basic Oxygen Funace Steel Industry Slag in Open Graded Asphalit Friction Course Mises

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Open graded asphalt friction course (OGAFC) is a special purpose bituminous mix applied as a surface course for improved skid resistance and road safety especially under wet weather conditions. These mixes are characterised by high air voids content, generally greater than 18% of the mix volume, which are achieved through a uniform aggregate gradation that predominantly comprises of coarse aggregates. For adequate load transfer in OGAFC mixes through proper stone-on-stone contact these mixes demand comparatively good quality road. The increasing cost and the shortage of good quality natural aggregates, have compelled researchers and practitioners to explore alternate aggregate materials to attain sustainability in road construction. Steel slag is an industrial bylco-product obtained during the conversion of pig iron or steel scrap to industrial quality steel. Steel slag is classified as ether basic oxygen furnace (BOF) slag or electric-arc fumace (EAF) slag, depending on the fumace/process employed in its conversion.
Supervisor: Choudhary, Rajan
Open Graded Asphalt Friction Course, BOF Steel Slag, Mix Design, Functionality, Durability, Performance