Synthesis and characterization of high oxygen storage capacity nanoparticles dispersed diesel for the emission reduction

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In order to meet the increase in stringent regulation for exhaust gas emission from diesel vehicles, an exhaust-gas-after-treatment has become an essential process in most of the countries leading to use diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters as a treatment device. The effective utilization of the fuel is one of most essential requirements by considering the depletion of fossil fuel. Hence, there is a need to increase the effective utilization of different types of fuel in an engine without making any changes in the system. The objective of present work is to improve the performance and reduce the harmful emission of a diesel engine by homogenously dispersing the nanosized high oxygen storage capacity (OSC) materials of CZY (C=Ce; Z=Zr; Y= Al, Mn, Bi, La, Nd) oxides in diesel, named as a nanofuel. An attempt was made to synthesize nanoparticles having the improved OSC, which were homogenously dispersed in diesel with the help of oleic acid as a surfactant in order to meet the objectives. Cerium based solid solutions were prepared by sol-gel process and characterized. It is observed that the synthesized solid solutions had stable cubic fluorite structure, higher OSC, lattice defects and <10 nm crystallite size. The quantitative and qualitative studies on OSC of different solid solutions were done using suitable characterization techniqu
Supervisors: S. Kanagaraj & Chandramohan Somayaji