Soliton Steering and Switching Dynamics in P T -Symmetric Nonlinear Directional Couplers

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The dynamical behavior of a classical or quantum mechanical system is described by a Hamiltonian H. The manifestation of Hermiticity of such Hamiltonian appears in form of physical observables through experimental demonstrations. After C.M. Bender put forward a very novel perspective on the quantum mechanical non-Hermitian Hamiltonians, Parity-time (P T ) symmetry, as a theoretical concept, got tremendous attention. The recent recognition that optical systems can provide a ground to realize the mathematical concepts of P T symmetry in the table-top experiments, P T symmetry in photonics systems has become a very active research area. In photonics, P T symmetry has been readily established by judiciously incorporating balanced gain and loss in coupled system so that the refractive index profile plays the role of the complex potential. In this thesis, we use coupled waveguides (nonlinear directional couplers) for exploiting the effect of P T symmetry for switching dynamics of optical signals. Considering the application of nonlinear directional couplers as an all-optical switching device, we have studied the steering and switching dynamics of different solitons inside P T -symmetric coupler manoeuvring the dispersion and the nonlinearity of the system. All the investigated P T -symmetric couplers evidently emerged to be a better choice as an optical switching device in contrast to their conventional counterparts showing unique P T -symmetric features.
Supervisor: Sarma, Amarendra Kumar
Soliton, Parity Time Symmetry, Directional Coupler, Nonlinear Optics