Multi-scale analysis of solute transport in steady and oscillatory flows with boundary reactions

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Transport of a solute through a flowing solvent has several important applications in diverse fields, such as biology, chemistry, chromatography, environment fluid mechanics etc. Study of the transverse concentration distribution in steady or oscillatory flows has a great significance in estuaries and other coastal regions. Predictions of accurate pollutant distribution and peak pollutant concentration are of matter of concern. The influence of chemical reaction on solute transport has a great significance in blood flow through human arteries. This study also has importance regarding the shear-driven flows encountered in micro motors, micro channels and other micro fluidic systems.The dissertation begins with an analytical study, which explores two-dimensional concentration distribution in an open channel flow with absorbing channel bed. This study explores mean and real concentration distributions after an initial time when transient behavior completely dies out. In this study, effects of bed absorption on solution dispersion as well as on transverse uniformity are discussed. Results reveal that transverse concentration of the solute should be preferred over the mean concentration to analyze the absorption effect more accurately.
Supervisor: D. C. Dalal