Designing of hetero-bimetallic cyclic trinuclear, polymeric chains, and linear trinuclear from Cu(II), Fe(III), and Co(III) complexes using alkali, alkaline, and transition metal ions

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A simple ligand, which is chiral and flexible, was used to synthesize Cu(II) complexes such that the resulting complex can act as a chiral host and is flexible enough to obtain a secondary coordination sphere. Cu(II) bis complex, when reacted with K+ ion, forms a cyclic trinuclear, which resembles an inorganic crown ether. In this process, the trans-oriented Cu(II) bis complex was converted to a cis-oriented complex. An excess of [18] crown-6 was added, and the K+ was removed from the assembly, thereby obtaining a cis-oriented Cu(II) monomer. The cis-oriented disassembled Cu(II) monomer, when reacted with K+, forms back the assembly.
Supervisor: Ray, Manabendra