Study on measuring methodologies and critical parameters influencing soil suction-water content relationship

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The knowledge of unsaturated soil behaviour is indispensable for many of the field situations such as compacted pavements, swelling clays, slopes, embankments, shallow waste disposal facilities etc. one of the important attributes of unsaturated soil is the negative pore water pressure or soil suction existing in it. The study of unsaturated soil behaviour is dependent on the basic relationship between soil suction and water content (either, gravimetric or volumetric) or soil saturation. Such a relationship, in general, is termed as suction-water content relationship (SWR) or specifically soil-water characteristic curve (SWCC) Last few decades have witnessed a tremendous development in soil suction measurement methodologies, which are based on different measuring principles. There is a possibility that the inherent features and measuring procedures of these methodologies may influence the uniqueness of SWR/SWCC. Apart from the measuring methodologies, there are physical, chemical and mechanical parameters of the soil influencing the SWR. Reviewed literature indicates some contrasting observations and anomalies related to unsaturated soil characterization, which needs to be understood in detail.
Supervisor: S. Sreedeep