Design and Development of ZnO Morphologies for Enhanced Photovoltaic Characteristics: Synthesis, Characterization and Fabrication of Photoanodes for Semiconductor Quantum dot/ Dye Sensitized Solar Cells.

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Morphology dependency of photovoltaic properties in terms of charge transport and efficacy in light harnessing ability has been studied in the presented thesis. Environmentally benign structure directing chemicals which are commonly available in the laboratory are employed to generate superstructures of ZnO with favorable optical and charge transport properties and evaluated their solar-to-current conversion efficiencies. Particularly interesting results are development of novel morphologies with excellent photovoltaic properties such as, hexagon shaped ZnO nanodisks (NDs), nanorods, mesoporous ZnO cages and 3D microspheres etc. Hexagon shaped ZnO NDs with exposed ±(0001) polar facets sensitized with CdS/CdSe QDs shows a remarkable power conversion efficiency (PCE) values. Results show that enhancement is primarily due to (i) efficient charge separation and collection boosted by the exposed ±(0001) facets (ii) better light-scattering ability and (iii) high BET surface area for sensitizer particle adsorption.
Supervisor: Mohammad Qureshi