Coherent control of optical pulse propagation through multi-level atomic media / Rajitha K. V.

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Coherent control techniques make use of the quantum interference effects of probability amplitudes to control and manipulate optical properties of quantum systems. Different optical phenomena are found to be effectively controlled with this coherent preparation by engineering the dispersion and absorption properties of the medium. The development of new schemes for pulse shaping and control is important in many fields of optics and atomic physics, some of which includes preparation of atoms and molecules in desired quantum states, optical communication systems with tailored pulses, ultrafast spectroscopy and so on. One prominent example of coherent quantum control is electromagnetically induced transparency(EIT), a quantum interference effect that allows the propagation of light pulses through an otherwise opaque medium. In this thesis, we are dealing with the propagation of optical pulses through coherently prepared atomic media.
Supervisor: Tarak. Nath Dey