Ionic liquid supported thermal dehydrogenation of amine borane derivatives

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Hydrogen Fuel is considered globally as the new face of energy sector and Ethylene diamine Bisborane (EDAB) from the amine borane family is known to releases 10 wt. % of Hydrogen. However on a standalone basis, the release of hydrogen from EDAB is limited. To improve this, the use of Ionic Liquid (IL) as solvent cum catalyst medium is recommended. IL’s are known to play a dominant role for dehydrogenation. IL are molten salts, but most are liquids at room temperature due to the structure of two asymmetric ion i.e. large organic structure of the cation and a small inorganic structure of the anion .Some of the interesting features of incorporating IL are (a) it helps in reducing the induction period of EDAB and the working temperature of thermal dehydrogenation. This invariably leads to higher production of hydrogen. In this study, COSMO-SAC (COnductor like Screening MOdel Segment Activity Coefficient) model was used to select the Ionic liquids (IL) for dehydrogenation experiment
Supervisors: Tamal Banerjee and G. Pugazhenthi