Dynamics of two immiscible and miscible fluids in two-component flows

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The current investigations are aimed at the analyses of fluid flow configurations consisting of two immiscible and miscible fluids by performing extensive numerical simulations. Firstly, the dynamics of formation, growth and breakup of liquid drops and jets emanating from orifices are investigated by performing direct numerical simulations. In the dripping regime, the viscosity of the drop liquid is fundamentally related to the phenomenon of interface overturning. A critical value of Ohnesorge number is identified beyond which overturning ceases. Two different modes of transition from dripping to jetting regime are observed, which can be clearly explained in terms of the relative importance of inertia and viscous effects on the dynamics of the processes. Secondly, the formation and breakup of a liquid jet in air with gravity acting normal to the direction of the liquid injection has been studied employing three-dimensional numerical simulations. It is observed that asymmetric perturbations develop on the liquid surface when liquid is injected perpendicular to gravity.
Supervisors: Gautam Biswas and Dipankar Bandyopadhyay