Direct Electrochemical Reduction of Gaseous Carbon Dioxide to Value Added Products: Investigations on Electrocatalysts

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This thesis is aimed to find a solution for one of the environmental problems viz. increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. The thesis focuses over this subject for the mitigation of CO2 through its utilization. Direct electrochemical reduction of gaseous CO2 (dERC) has been found to be a suitable technology which not only helps in the utilization of the CO2, but at the same time produce such reaction products which have the high calorific value. Thus, these reaction products can be used as fuels, which will also help to combat the problem of decreasing fossil fuel reserves. With this aim, the CO2 is electrocatalytically reduced and converted into a variety of products. For screening the suitable electrocatalysts form the group of many, a catalytic activity protocol has also been developed to make the dERC process quick and easy. For the conversion of CO2, different types of electrocatalysts; such as metals, metal oxides, metal complexes, and bimetal, have been developed and successfully used for the electrochemical CO2 reduction and formation of value added products. Keywords: Bimetal, Catalytic activity protocol; Electrocatalysts; Direct electrochemical reduction of CO2; Metal oxides; Salen metal complexes.
Supervisors: Anil Verma and Chandan Mukherjee