Development of alternative dielectric fluid for power and distribution transformer

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The thesis presents development of alternative dielectric fluid for power and distribution transformer. It addresses the nanofluid (NF) development and modification in the transformer oil (TO). It also addresses the development of vegetable oil (VO) based TO is a potential insulating liquid dielectric for the transformer. In the present study deals with the development of stable mineral oil (MO) based nanofluid (NF) for transformer application. Due to an extraordinary thermal and insulating properties of the hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) nanoparticle (NP), it is selected as a material to be dispersed in MO to prepare the NF. Bulk h-BN NP of size 1 μm is exfoliated into 2-D nanosheets of size 150-200 nm subsequently enhancing the surface area of exfoliated h-BN (Eh-BN).An open beaker, single temperature oxidative thermal ageing experiment is performed at 115oC for different ageing times, i.e. 164, 328, 492 hours. A concentration of 0.01wt% of NP for both titanium oxide (TiO2) and Eh-BN/MO are selected to prepare the NFs for ageing. The superiority in physicochemical and insulation performance of Eh-BN/MO-NF are observed compared to TiO2 NF and MO at post ageing condition.
Supervisors: Sisir Kumar Nayak and Niranjan Sahoo