Development of amine functionalized mesoporous silica (KIT-6) for carbon dioxide capture

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The doctoral work focuses on the development of amine functionalized mesoporous silica based CO2 adsorbent. Mechanical, thermal, hydrothermal and hydrolytic stability of material are important parameters in designing an adsorbent. They decide the working limitation of the material during practical application. Additionally, physical properties such as specific surface area, pore volume, pore diameter and pore structure also affect the performance during application. In last few years, large varieties of mesoporous silica were discovered. Three dimensional mesoporous KIT-6with large interconnected pores is selected in this study based on its stability in extreme external conditions. KIT-6 shows the high mechanical stability (up to 4680 bar) and thermal stability (upto 900°C); possibly due to the presence of thicker pore wall and cubical structure. It also shows the stable structural properties even after ageing for six months in atmospheric conditions and one month in water at room temperature.In addition, after three days of ageing in boiling water, KIT-6 still retains its porosity. At high pressure, a good surface interaction is seen between KIT-6 and CO2 without significant damage to the structure. KIT-6 also shows 2.38 wt% H2 storage capacity at 30 bar and −196 °C. The highly stable KIT-6 is considered to be a good material for adsorbent, catalyst support and nanostructure synthesis. But low CO2 sorption capacity at low partial pressure suggests further improvement in KIT-6 for practical application.
Supervisor: Sasidhar Gumma