Evaluate Fretting Fatigue Damage in Simple and Complex Geometries like Diesel Engine Head Gasket

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Fretting is a surface damage phenomenon and is observed at the contact interfaces like bolted, gasketed joints etc. Fretting related failures are observed in multiple components of an internal combustion engine. Such failures can cause partial/complete break-down of the engine and can result in a significant warranty cost. In this work, fretting fatigue evaluation is carried out for a simple geometry of a flat-flat, complete contact pair and a complex geometry of actual head gasket joint. Since the head gasket is a type of flat-flat, complete contact pair, equivalent analogy is assumed between the two problems. A new approach based on deviatoric strain amplitude-based parameter combined with Ding’s parameter, 𝐷𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑡2 is proposed and explored through this work.
Supervisors: Gautam, Sachin Singh and McNay, Gene H
Fretting Fatigue, Fretting Wear, Head Gasket, Ruiz Parameter, Low Cycle Fatigue, Deviatoric Strain, Critical Plane Method, Crack Initiation Method, Progreaaive Wear, Ding's Parameter, Critical Distance