Studies on Bismuth Sodium Titanate-based Lead-Free Piezoelectric Bulk Ceramics and Thin Films

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Ferroelectric materials play a significant role in modern science and technology for various electronic device applications such as capacitors for tunable capacitance due to their nonlinear response, ferroelectric non-volatile dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) for computers, radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards due to memory function, etc. These ferroelectric materials possess spontaneous polarization in the absence of an electric field, and they have the ability to switch the direction of polarization. Besides, ferroelectric materials can display simultaneously piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. Piezoelectric materials tend to produce electrical polarization when mechanical stress is applied i.e., direct piezoelectric effect. Conversely, a mechanical strain is created when an electric field is applied, i.e., converse piezoelectric effect. These materials are widely used in sensors, actuators, accelerators, ultrasonic motors, transducers, filters, buzzers, and resonators and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) device applications. In addition, the demand for ferroelectric thin films is also increasing day by day due to their superior properties suitable for integrated electronic applications. Thin films play a key role in miniaturizing electrical components and devices. These are widely used in the capacitor, non-volatile memory, energy storage, micro-sensors, micro-actuator, pulsed power systems, microwave tunable, nonlinear photonic devices and MEMS applications, etc. Thin film properties are important for the applications: ferroelectric and piezoelectric nonlinearity of thin films are also relevant in microsystems; nonlinear optical properties are promising for photonic device applications and high permittivity and low dielectric loss in films important for the all applications and essential for high-frequency devices.
Supervisor: D Pamu