Study of CP-properties of the Higgs sector of supersymmetric models

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Chapter 1 provides an introduction and motivation of the thesis and a brief discussion on the SM as well as its drawbacks. A discussion on the standard mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking (EWSB), that is the Higgs mechanism, is presented in detail. Next, a detailed discussion on the theoretical framework of the MSSM is presented along with its solutions to the SM and its potential drawbacks followed by a brief discussion on the NMSSM. The CP-nature of the Higgs sector of these models is given a special attention here and it proivdes an elaborate discussion on the correlation between the CPV phases of the complex SUSY parameters with the EDMs of elementary particles as well as atomic EDMs. Chapter 2 presents our investigation on the promising LHC signatures and discovery potentials of the MSSM Higgs sector and the CPV signatures in some of the most prominent Higgs discovery channels like, gg ! h1 ! , gg ! h1 ! WW and gg ! h1 ! ZZ .
Supervisor: P. Poulose