Amine functionalized ordered mesoporous silica materials and its applications towards adsorbent and membrane for CO2 capture

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The main aim of this work is to study the CO2 separation using amine functionalized ordered mesoporous silica materials in adsorption based technology as well as membrane based technology. To know the inner detail of surface characteristics and the CO2 adsorption capacities of the amine-functionalized ordered mesoporous silica materials, the powder form of the materials were studied. Functionalization of the ordered mesoporous silica (MCM 48) materials with different amines was performed by using three different amines. The best result for CO2 adsorption of amine-functionalized amine was chosen for further analysis. The CO2 adsorption capacity at a particular temperature for different dosing of amine-functionalized OMS material was studied. In addition to this, the temperature effect of the amine-functionalized OMS materials which showed best CO2 adsorption capacity, were also studied. After inheriting the concept of amine-functionalized ordered mesoporous silica materials for CO2 adsorption, we analysed two different techniques to synthesize OMS materials and compared them for CO2 uptake capacity. Then the OMS materials were introduced in more energy saving membrane application. The ordered mesoporous silica membrane was successfully synthesized on porous α-alumina support. Finally, performance studies were investigated and analysed by using single and binary gas mixture (CO2/N2).
Supervisor: Bishnupada Mandal