Analytical Study on Solute Transportation in Streams with Transient Storage and Hyporheic Zones

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This thesis presents the derivation of general analytical solutions of the transient stor- age model and also of the diDusive transfer model for the longitudinal solute transport in streams with transient storage and hyporheic zones for conservative and reactive solutes. These general analytical solutions are derived by means of Laplace trans- form. The transient storage model deals with the Drst order mass transfer between the main channel of stream and the storage zone, and the diDusive transfer model deals with the diDusive mass transfer of solute between the main channel of stream and the hyporheic zone. Parameters of the transient storage model and also of the diDusive transfer model are estimated for the Uvas Creek tracer experiment by using the large scale Newton reDexive method. The analytical results of these models for conservative solutes are compared with the observed data of the Uvas Creek tracer experiment for chloride concentration. Sensitivity analysis is performed in order to identify the critical parameters on solute concentrations. EDects of diDerent param- eters that represent physical, chemical and hydrological processes involved in the transport of solutes in streams are studied for hypothetical situations. Results are presented for conservative solutes considering step concentration-time proDle as the upstream boundary condition whereas in the case of reactive solutes, an instantaneous release of the solute is considered to be the upstream boundary condition..
Supervisor: Durga Charan Dalal