Strategies for enhancing lipid production from native microalgae isolates for biofuel production: process optimization and intensification

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Biomass on its sustainable and economical aspect plays a pivotal role. Among all the available biomasses, microalgae biomass is one of the most vital raw material for biodiesel production. Besides, biodiesel, microalgae can be used to synthesize other forms of biofuel such as bioethanol, biogas, bio–crude etc. Therefore, in–spite of biodiesel application a complete microalgae biorefinery approach is gaining more attention headed for sustainable fuel production.The advent of the present study is intended to select potent microalgae strains native to Northeast India for biodiesel application. Primarily, the water samples were collected near Gauhati University, serially diluted and plated on BG–11 agar plates for single microalgae colony isolation. The primary identification of isolated microalgae was performed on its morphology and pigmentation system. Successively, the pure cultures were sent for 18S rDNA sequencing. The genome sequences obtained were BLAST using multiple sequence alignment tool and thecorresponding phylogenetic tree was constructed by neighbor end joining method. The sequences were submitted to NCBI and annotated as Chlorella CG12 (KR905186) and Desmodesmus GS12 (KR905187).
Supervisor: Vaibhav V Goud