Multipath Transport and Flow Division for Multihomed Hosts

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This research primarily deals with the problem of ow division in the context of emerging multihomed protocols like the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP). In this work we augment SCTP to increase its throughput and overall reliability by incorporating ow division strategies which divide a ow on multiple paths. Optimizing this ow division will enhance the system throughput while maintaining the QoS required by the ow. We propose a new MultiPath SCTP (MPSCTP) protocol as an extension of SCTP to support concurrent usage of multiple paths. We have demonstrated that our modi cations provide better performance in comparison to CMT-SCTP, a current multipath variant of SCTP.We have proposed Bandwidth Estimation based Resource Pooling (BERP) congestion control, a novel congestion control for MPSCTP. This algorithm is based on a linked congestion control approach which treats all available resources as a single pool of resources and in the event of packet loss decreases the congestion window in the ratio of bandwidth estimates of the paths. Existing multipath protocols do not optimize the ow division on the available multiple paths. There have been various e orts in the past to divide data ow on multiple paths. Flow division at source depends upon the nature of application as well. We have considered two classes of applica- tion namely delay sensitive applications and delay insensitive applications. For these two classes of applications, we have proposed Min-Max optimization and Delay Insensitive Optimization respec- tively. A true implementation of these optimizations would require complete network statistics to be available at the source. Since, this is di cult in an Internet-like scenario; suitable heuristics are required which can closely approximate these optimizations. In this work, we have proposed suitable heuristics for the Min-Max Optimization and Delay Insensitive Optimization. We have also implemented the MPSCTP protocol in Linux kernel. We have incorporated our changes in Linux kernel. We have also proposed Tx-CWND, a new strategy for ow division.
Supervisors: Sanjay K. Bose and Ratnajit Bhattacharjee