Dynamic stability of Magnetorheological elastomer Based Sandwich Beams

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The work presented in this thesis is concerned with the theoretical and experimental investigation of the dynamic characteristics and stability of the magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) based sandwich beams subjected to periodic axial load and magnetic field. An extensive literature review has been presented which covers the use of various types of MREs for sandwich beam construction, free and forced vibration and stability analysis of sandwich beams. It is observed that a few works are available on dynamic characteristics and stability of MRE embedded sandwich beam and hence an attempt has been made to study theoretically and experimentally the above mentioned system. Initially, using classical sandwich beam theory, extended HamiltonDs principle along with generalized GalerkinDs method the governing equation of motion of a sandwich beam with MRE embedded viscoelastic core and conductive skins has been derived when it is subjected to static magnetic field. The effects of magnetic field, core thickness, percentage of iron particles and carbon blacks on the free vibration responses and regions of parametric instability have been studied for various end conditions of the sandwich beam. The same system is studied by applying time varying magnetic field and periodic axial load. The system is reduced to that of a parametrically excited system with two frequency excitation. Method of multiple scales is used to study the stability boundaries for various resonance conditions with simply supported and clamped free boundary conditions. As the classical methods can only be used for systems with simple geometry and classical boundary conditions, finite element method (FEM) has been employed to study the vibration problems in general purpose MRE embedded sandwich beam with static magnetic field. Using FEM the dynamic characteristics and stability of...
Supervisors: S. K Diwedi and K. S. R Krishnamurthy