Surface junction thermal probe for transient measurements – conceptual design to field applications

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One of the most crucial requirements of a traditional thermal probe is its ability to accurately reproduce thermal quantities of interest such as transient surface temperature history and heat flux data when engaged in a transient environment. Some of the prominent fields where thermal sensors have been subjected to are Internal Combustion (IC) engine, heat exchanger, steam/gas turbines, shock tunnel/tube applications etc. As such, a thermal sensor is required to operate upon harsh conditions such as impact load in shock tube/tunnel for short duration, pulsating load in IC engines, continuous high temperature load in gas turbine applications etc. Moreover, upon inevitable structural failure, it is highly desirable to reproduce the probe with a minimum investment of paraphernalia cost. Lastly, it is vastly noble if the same cost-efficient and robust thermal probe can be shown to serve the dual purpose of accurate measurement of temperature data as well as the low/high frequency measurement. Focussing on the need for advancement in high-speed measurement techniques and the requirement to bridge the gap listed in the above paragraph, an attempt has been made to develop an in-situ thermal sensor, which would serve the primary purpose of accurate measurement of heat transfer history as well as frequency measurement.
Supervisor: Niranjan Sahoo