Transport, Sensing, and Mixing of Nanoscale Objects in Microfluidic Reactors

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Miniaturization of the macroscopic technologies has been one of the most attractive areas of research and development in the recent years. For example, the miniaturized processes are now extensively employed for synthesis of materials, health care diagnostics and therapeutics, renewable and non-renewable energy harvesting, environmental remediation, biotechnology, electronic devices, and materials-electrical-morphological characterization. In this regard, although the progress has been very rapid over the past few decades, however, the detailed understanding on the the scientific and technological nitty-gritties associated with the mesoscale systems is perhaps at their initial stages. Moreover, the emerging quantum technologies require a large-scale experimentation employing a wide range of micro to nanoscale devices. Thus, extensive research activities have been observed in exploring the diverse unknown aspects of the mesoscale systems.
Supervisor: Bandyopadhyay, Dipankar
Microreactor, Conversion, Point-of-care-technology (POCT), In-vitro, Drug Delivery, Microfluidic-immunosenso, Micro/nanofiltration Membranes, Death Kinetics, Cellulose Acetate