Media optimization, batch Kinetics and production of bioactive alkylamides in invitro cell lines of Spilanthes paniculata Wall. EX. DC

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The higher plants are widely distributed all over the world has enormous varieties of secondary metabolites was hunted by living being particularly for food and pharmaceutical needs, to utilize unconditionally for health benefits. This implies that phytochemicals play a significant role in the entire biological entity. In a worldwide, despite synthetic drugs, population is approaching towards natural remedies, due to its no side effect efficacy. Recently, most of the prescribed drugs were industrialized using several plant materials. Owing to the strength of bioactive metabolites in different fields, investigations on improving the production of same phytochemicals are increasing in recent decades through various techniques and technologies.Mostly, synthesis of bioactive metabolites is highly unique to the plant kingdom, rather than any other micro-organisms and animals. In the next decennia, the investigations on secondary metabolites from different plant species are increasing due to the renewed interest in the use of medicinal plants and its products. These products serves as an alternative to synthetically produced pharmaceuticals for the prevention and treatment of ailments and diseases. Therefore, to overcome annihilation of the entire plant family, there is an absolute necessity to approach a trustful biotechnological tool known as plant tissue culture technology is an alternative methodology especially to retrieve consistent and continuous production of secondary plant product rather sacrificing whole plant system. Moreover, change in the chemical profile occurs due to various climatical factors and environmental fluxes could be avoided through cell culture technology.
Supervisor: Rakhi Chaturvedi