Fabrication of fly ash based ceramic membrane for tomato juice clarification and water treatment

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A rapid growth in the field of industries and academia has resulted in the immense development and amplification of the membrane technology market. Over the past few decades a rapid transformation has been witnessed with the development of new methods and technologies related to membranes science which cover a wide range of applications such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, gas separations, artificial human organs to name a few. The scientific and engineering disciplines such as electro chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry and chemical engineering play a major role in this perspective. Thus membrane separation acts as a bridge connecting the varied applications with the respective disciplines. Microfiltration and ultrafiltration with the progress of time have emerged as good replacements for previously existing separation techniques such as a gravity filtration and clarification systems. The main advantages of membrane systems is that they occupy very less space with better operational durability. Recent research have pointed out the advantages of ceramic membrane over polymeric membranes over a wide range of applications which include properties such as stability at high operating temperatures and pressures, good chemical stability, relatively narrow pore size distribution and a higher porosity, higher hydrophilicity with high fluxes at very low pressures and a good mechanical stability, longer working life and impressive defouling properties.
Supervisor: Mihir K. Purkait