Numerical Investigation of the Unsteady Aerodynamics of ‘Passer Domesticus’ Inspired Biomimetic Wing

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The flapping flight, which is governed by the unsteady aerodynamics, deals with inherent complexities especially at low Reynolds number (Re). Understanding the low physics behind these intricacies may lead to a great chance of enhancing the aerodynamic performance of Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicles (FW-MAVs). Nature provides a variety of small flying birds and insects to achieve this goal via biomimicry. However, direct copying of concepts available in nature may not lead to feasible solutions. The balance between engineering implementation and exploitation of concepts from nature may lead to successful designs. The work presented in this dissertation attempts at bringing this vision a little closer to realization.
Supervisor: Hazarika, Shyamanta Moni
Flapping Wing Aerodynamics, Unsteady Flow