Investigation of flow dynamics of conical fluidized bed

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Conical fluidized beds are used for various applications in many industries. Despite their wide applications, the detailed understanding of conical fluidized bed is still missing. A detailed data on the local hydrodynamic of these systems can be useful for their design, operation, and scale-up. Most of the literature on conical fluidized beds only reveal about their overall performance in terms of overall pressure drop, minimum fluidization velocity prediction, global mixing and segregation characteristics. However, the local interaction between the fluid-solid and solid-solid are more critical. Further, the effect of particle size, particle size distribution and column dimensions on mixing and segregation of the conical bed are not well understood. To the best no scale-up studies are reported in literature on conical fluidized bed. Such studies are largely missing due to lack of experimental data as most of the technique work in optical range and is not applicable in dense conical fluidized bed. Further, very few measurement techniques are available which can provide the data with the same accuracy at both scales
Supervisor: Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay