Dynamics of spiral and scroll waves : an experimental and numerical study

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This thesis entitled, “Dynamics of Spiral and Scroll Waves: An Experimental and Numerical Study” deals with understanding the dynamics of two dimensional (2D) spiral and three dimensional (3D) scroll waves, specifically found in reaction diffusion systems.The cause of cardiac arrhythmia and its effect on human health is of paramount interest to researchers across varied field. It is known that life threatening arrhythmias like ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation are a result of anomalous behavior of electrical waves in the heart. These waves, that look like spiral and scrolls, can also anchor to small obstacles (i.e. ischemic or scar tissues, collagen fibers, or coronary vessels) generating stationary electrical signals, that are disruptive to regular cardiac activity. Hence, scroll waves of reentrant activity and their interactions can be said to pose a serious threat to cardiac health. This thesis outlines the results of experimental and theoretical study spiral and scroll waves carried out in a reaction diffusion system. The research has been primarily focused on 3D waves and its behavior in heterogeneous medium.
Supervisor : Sumana Dutta